Monday, November 5, 2007

Pregnancy is strange business...

And yes, this may seem like TMI. If you're squeamish, well, sorry. *shrug*

  • It seems that I either have the runs, or I am constipated.
  • I'm either nauseous and cant stand the sight of food, or starving. Or sometimes, both.
  • Low blood pressure is almost as bad as high blood pressure. This was proved by the ER doctor putting me in a wheelchair and wheeling me to a room after checking mine and finding it 86 over sixty something...
  • Having to pee every hour on the hour is acceptable. Every 30 minutes is torture.

And I'm just almost halfway there.

And Rickey wonders why I get irritable and snappish.

On the up side, it is now 1am Monday morning. That means only 84 hours until I get to find out the answer to pregnancy's biggest mystery- Hotdog or Hamburger? I shall leave team yellow behind around 1pm Thursday... will post U/S pics when I get them...