Sunday, May 3, 2009

Food Diary

Okay. So everyone keeps telling me how small Kahlan is. The doctor always asks how much she's eating. The lady at the WIC office has straight up accused me of not feeding her enough. So I'm gonna start writing down how much the bottomless pit otherwise known as my daughter eats.

8 oz formula
3 handfuls Cheerios
4 oz of watered down apple juice
1 handful of "Puffs" (baby snacks, similar to Cheerios but softer)
Half a banana
2/3 of a grilled cheese sandwich
8 oz of watered down tea
2 handfuls Cheerios
1 bowl Gerber Graduates Chicken & Carrot Ravioli
10 french fries
about 1/8 cup baked beans
About 1/2 an ounce of cooked hamburger patty
1 handful puffs

Sunday Morning & Lunch-
8 oz formula
3 handfuls cheerios
2/3 of a large banana
3 oz formula mixed with 3 oz of whole milk
1 biscuit with about 1 tsp of gravy
2 oz of whole milk