Saturday, November 24, 2007

Well, Thanksgiving was a success- on to Christmas!

I cooked Thanksgiving dinner all by myself. And it was a rather large Thanksgiving dinner. I think I'll be eating leftover sweet potatoes and turkey until Christmas.
It was my first time cooking a turkey. It was a BIG turkey. I read somewhere that you should allow 1 lb of turkey-weight per person. They don't sell 2 lb turkeys. So we ended up with a 14 lb turkey.
We had turkey twice on Thursday, then for dinner on Friday, as a snack on Saturday, and Sunday we will hopefully finish it off as turkey casserole. The dressing on the other hand, went rather quickly. Next year I think I'll have to make a double batch. Just so Rickey can have some too. Plus baby will be old enough to eat dressing by then too... and being my child... we better makea triple batch.

Anyway the full menu included
Turkey & Dressing
Candied Sweet Potato Casserole
Green Bean Casserole
Fresh Baked Beer Bread

and for dessert, Pumpkin Dump Cake.

Seriously. I cooked enough food for about 6 people to eat comfortably... and there are only 2 of us.
Leftovers baby!!!
Haven't had to cook a thing since Thursday afternoon... and tomorrow will only require minor baking.
Anybody hit the Black Friday Sales?
I did... online. My lovely car ignition switch has been locked up since I'm guessing Wednesday night. I didn't go anywhere Thursday, and when I went out to leave for work Friday the key won't turn. Rickey's car battery has been dead since like Tuesday. We are in a serious pickle here...

But, on the bright side, I got my little brother's present half off on Toys R, and got 25% off my grandma's gift from a nifty little online boutique I've been watching and drooling over for years, Art of Adornment.

Anyway... I also got my tree up, before realizing my tree skirt was missing. So we took off walking to the dollar store last night, only to discover- IT WAS SNOWING.
So we bundled up and walked 2 blocks there and 2 back in the snow. Rickey was laughing at me because I was giggling like a kid on Christmas. I used to live in Dallas. I haven't seen proper snow in a long time. But the tree got finished late last night, and we ended up with over an inch of snow. *squees* Of course it was all melted this morning. *shrugs* but we're supposed to get more tomorrow night.

My Tree... little, but then we have a little apartment.

And as for the cars... still neither running... so we had to walk a mile and a quarter round trip to pay the electric bill... and then got some groceries on the way back too... carrying groceries 2 blocks in plastic bags is NOT fun.

I suppose that's enough complaining for now...

Off I go to continue my holiday shopping.