Friday, May 23, 2008


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Google Me!

Inspired by some of the other lovely blogs I subscribe to, I decided to post a list of Google searches by which people have found my blog...

wrap sweater baby knit-
She didn't knit it... Although... If she could, I'd be rich.

funny quote motherhood-
Hmm... does "She pooped on me again" count?

home radiator spewing steam, how to fix-
Call the landlady and threaten legal action.

snape's new baby crying-
... umm... Do I want to know?

tampa pregnant my belly button 2008
What are random mommy blogger related words, Alex.

one button baby sweater-
One of mine has several, the other has none. But whatever blows your skirt up.

my child is strange-
Isn't everyone's?

mick jagger-
I only mentioned him once... how many pages down the search did they have to go?

baby belly 13 week-
Is not very noticeable.

irregular heartbeat baby 37 weeks-
Mmm.... I'm sorry. Any sort of heart scare with a baby is doubly frightening.

funny quote about motherhood-
Another one? Okay. "She pooped on me again, and it got her changing pad, her clothes, the carpet, the bedroom door, and several pairs of shoes in my organizer."

And the winner?
how do you tell difference babies head or butt-
Honey, if you have this problem... see an optometrist I suppose.

She's just too cute when she's tickled pink...

We were both tired in that 2nd pic, but I know some people have been wondering what my new glasses look like. There ya go. WAY different than my old ones...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Daddy is FUNNY