Monday, April 22, 2013

SSiS Update

So we've had some life interfering in my crafting schedule LOL

Nonetheless I have made some progress and some decisions. I found my knit yardage, picked fabric for several things, prewashed the stuff that I thought needed it, and starched the knits.

Yes. Starched. With an iron. I picked that tip up from Ashley of Lil Blue Boo when I bought some of her patterns a couple of years ago. It REALLY helps when you are trying to cut pieces out of knit scraps to be cutting starched fabric.

So I starched several t-shirt scraps which, along with the black knit yardage I bought for myself like 2 years ago and a large chunk of navy blue knit yardage I don't recall having but somehow have, will make K-Ro a navy maxi dress with coral accents, Bubba a navy short set with green accents, a navy t-shirt to go with some navy gingham shorts, and a couple of black t-shirts to be stenciled. Because I'm a glutton for punishment and am gonna attempt freezer paper stenciling again after the last miserable failure...

I also found the missing peach fabric and striped tee that I KNEW I had. See. I KNEW I had it LOL

As for wovens, I found a bright striped seersucker that I had forgotten about... I'm going to make an 8 panel skirt out of it, cut in such a way to make chevrons, and either pair it with or attach it to a black t-shirt. I also discovered the purple striped fabric from the last post will NOT work for the Purpledicular dress. After washing the texture changed dramatically. I am SO glad I prewashed it though. Think of how mad I would have been if I sewed it all up and THEN washed it and had the stripes all drawing up on themselves...

Now I'm off to my craft room again. I have to decide if I want to go ahead and start cutting (and thus counting) tonight. We have a full day of errands tomorrow, but I'm impatient LOL