Friday, November 16, 2007

busy busy busy

getting everything ready for the wedding... and dealing with a very active baby to be. I swear she's in there doing aerobics or something. It's the strangest feeling... I've heard it described as feeling like gas bubbles, but really, it doesn't quite. Because gas bubbles usually don't shove a foot off in your bladder. *sigh*
And that's definitely fun... sitting there at work, in the middle of a call, when all of the sudden you feel the baby roll and then you. have. to. pee. NOW.

But at the same time... it's a magical feeling... knowing that Kahlan is there, moving around... and that in just 19 more weeks she will be outside moving around. Knowing that I have created life. Rickey seems pissed off that she is my first priority now. It bothers him that I take more care with myself because of her than I do of him. But he can take care of himself... I have to take care of her. She really is my first priority.