Monday, October 20, 2008


I knitted a sock once before...

I started out with size 0 needles like the pattern suggested... only to discover I was getting 10 SPI instead of 8 like the pattern specified. As it was a basic sock formula more than an actual pattern, I just adjusted my stitch count. (first big mistake)

I spent about two weeks knitting on it before it went into hibernation when I had the baby. A couple of months after she was born, I pulled it back out and decided to finish it. I knitted for a week or so turning the heel... tried it on to make sure it fit... All was well. On to the leg.

Here is where the 2nd big mistake came in to play. I decided a plain sock just wouldn't look that good, and so I modified the Ferns and Waves lace pattern to fit the number of stitches I had to work with. Several weeks later I finally finished the sock.

With much excitement and great joy I bound off the sock, and wove in my ends. I pulled out the camera, and sat down in a sunny spot to photograph it on my foot.

I had to fight the damn thing to get it on my foot... and every time I flexed my foot, it rubbed most uncomfortably against my ankle.


So it hibernated for another couple of months next to the unused ball of yarn intended for the 2nd sock.

Finally I decided sock knitting was NOT going to beat me.

I put the first sock away. It remains as a reminder to me to follow directions and not take off on my own when trying a new technique.

The 2nd ball of yarn is up for sale or trade.

I acquired 2 new sock needles in larger sizes.

And I got a ball of self patterning sock yarn as a prize. So I am no longer tempted to try to complicate the pattern.

I turned the heel on the first sock of my 2nd attempt today... and so far it seems to be going VERY well. And the Draco colorway looks VERY nice too...

I am falling in love with sock knitting again. I am not defeated.