Monday, December 31, 2007

Baby sweaters. Yes. Plural.

So I didn't get too much done over the Holidays. But what little I did get done on the wrap sweater looks important. :P
I've joined the shoulders, made a few rows progress on the 2nd sleeve, and most importantly, I'm about halfway done with the pink trim.

I also started on another... just because I couldn't resist doing SOMETHING with the lovely fuzzy yarn I picked up for $.99 a skein. This one is straight from the book One Skein Wonders.

It's another baby sweater, button up style. I believe the name of the pattern is One Skein Wonder Baby Cardigan... or something similar. *shrugs*

I'm a little iffy on the fuzzy yarn. While it feels lovely... it's awfully fuzzy, and I'm wondering about the wisdom of using it for a baby item. Hopefully she won't try to eat it.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Baby Wrap Sweater Progress Picture

I'm proud of myself :P
It's looking like a sweater now...

What you see here is 1 finished sleeve, 1 unfinished sleeve, and a body that needs to be sewn together and have the pink edging added like is on the sleeves.

*is excited about being this close to finishing*

Thursday, December 20, 2007

12 days of Christmas

Redneck Style!

*waves to all the family back home*

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Baby Wrap Sweater - Updated with sleeve and edging edits

I started out making the Baby Yoda Sweater. By the time I finished the back, the entire pattern had changed in my brain and become a lovely frilly thing with ribbon ties and pink trim.
I'm just wanting to see what some more advanced knitters think of it... and if anybody has a baby girl to knit for I would be eternally grateful if someone would work it up and see how it turns out for them. I'm making it myself too, but as I wrote out the pattern as it appears here, of course it makes sense to me...

size 6 straight needles
size 9 straight needles
size 9 circular needles (optional)

1 skein Caron Simply Soft in MC (Chocolate)
1 skein Caron Simply Soft in CC (Baby Pink)
1 yard 1" wide ribbon to match CC yarn, cut in 2 peices of equal length.

Front Left
Using smaller needles, cast on 36. K Rows 1-4
Row 5 & all odd rows- K
Row 6 & all even rows- P
Row 32- P 34, turn
Row 33 and all remain odd rows- K
Row 34- P 32, turn
Continue decreasing 2 st each P row by means of short rows.
End with Row 56- P 10, turn.
Bind off 10 remain st on left needle knitwise and transfer 26 on right needle to stitch holder.

Front Right
Cast on 36. K Rows 1-4
Row 5 & all odd rows- K
Row 6 & all even rows- P
Row 33- K 34, turn.
Row 34 and all remain even rows- P
Row 35- K 32, turn
Continue decreasing 2 st each K row by means of short rows.
End with Row 56- P 10, turn.
Bind off 10 st and transfer remain 26 to stitch holder.

Cast on 40. K rows 1-4
Odd rows 5-55 K
Even Rows6-56 P
After P row 56, turn.
Bind off 10 st, transfer 20 st to stitch holder, bind off 10 remain st.

Using larger needles cast on 40 in CC.
K 6 rows in 1x1 rib.
Row 7: *K2tog, repeat to end of row- 20 st remain.
Row 8: P
Switch to smaller needle and MC yarn for Row 9.
Row 9 (RS): increase one st at each edge.
Continuing in st st, increase one st at each edge every 4th row until there are 36 sts.
36 st will be on row 37.
Work straight to row 50.
Bind off.

Sew shoulder seams.
Attach sleeves and sew up side seams and sleeve seams, leaving 1" gap in side seams even with corners where decreases begin on front panels.

Using larger needle (use circular needle if needed for flexibility) and CC, pick up 30 st on front left edge, Pick up 4 at the corner, move the 26 stitches from front left holder to needle.
Move the 20 stitches from back neck to needle.
Move the 26 st from front right holder to needle, Pick up 4 at the corner pick up 30 st from front right edge.
This leaves 140 st on needle.
P back to starting point.
K in front and back of each st.
K 6 rows in 1x1 rib.
Bind off loosely.

Attach ribbon by sewing on even with where decreases began on front panels.
Pull free end of right ribbon through gap on left side.
Layer left side over right and tie ribbons in back.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Spiders On Drugs

LMAO.... I so thought this was real... until the THC spider built a hammock.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

A view out my bedroom window...


Okay, actually it's sleet and ice... And why I'M not driving today. Unlike this nutcase.

This lovely weather is supposed to continue tomorrow and early Tuesday as well.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas Cards

I decide this year I was going to make my Christmas cards. And I have been having a BLAST!
Wrapping paper, glitter, ribbon... oh my!
Seriously though... I got a pack of like 50 blank cards. I think I'm going to make them all up, and pack away the ones I don't use to be sold next year. Or maybe make the rest into Valentine's cards to be sold this year...

Anybody interested in purchasing hand-crafted greeting cards?

My little shop of goodies will be open soon...

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Moebius Transformations Revealed

Baby movements...

A friend told me the other day,
"You know, she has hands too. It's not all kicks."
And that got me to thinking.
How do you really tell the difference?
When baby is about the size of a 1 lb bag of coffee beans, her little hands and feet are bound to feel pretty similar. I mean, I have noticed differences. Like sometimes it will be a sharp, sudden, thwack, like she elbowed me. But as little as she is... couldn't that be just a punch or kick too? But if that is a punch or kick, what's the strange fluttery feeling like having a fish in my belly? I've pretty much figured out the teacup sized pushing is probably her head or butt, depending on which way she's moving. I just wish I could see through there, like with x-ray vision or something, so I could see what the little twerp is really doing when she's keeping me awake.

Monday, December 3, 2007

A Milestone...

Kahlan was kicking so hard last night I could see it. So I sat the remote on my stomach.
When Rickey asked why I was laughing I told him to come watch, and she kicked again.
Not hard enough to make it fall off, but hard enough to see it move noticeably.

I'm still laughing remembering it... She's just to much fun right now...
I push on my stomach, and she will push back, or roll over, or give me a good sharp kick.
None of the kicks hurt yet, mostly they just tickle.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

So here it is, after more than 4 hours of work

The official wedding video. Since nobody had a video camera, it's a slideshow of 32 of my favorite shots set to music.

*'So Small' copyright Carrie Underwood*
*I am using the music for a purely personal, non-commercial purpose*
*So don't sue me*
*besides... I'm broke anyway*

Monday, November 26, 2007

A small bit of good news...

A friend gave us a ride to wal-mart last night and we got a new battery for Rickey's car. It's running better now than it did when he bought it last month... just from a new battery. *shrug*
And we got some spray wd-40. And let some sit in my key cylinder overnight... and my car starts now!!! I had tried wd-40 before and it didn't work... but using more of it and letting it sit seems to have done the trick.
And now, it's off to work I go...

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The wedding pictures are starting to roll in...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Well, Thanksgiving was a success- on to Christmas!

I cooked Thanksgiving dinner all by myself. And it was a rather large Thanksgiving dinner. I think I'll be eating leftover sweet potatoes and turkey until Christmas.
It was my first time cooking a turkey. It was a BIG turkey. I read somewhere that you should allow 1 lb of turkey-weight per person. They don't sell 2 lb turkeys. So we ended up with a 14 lb turkey.
We had turkey twice on Thursday, then for dinner on Friday, as a snack on Saturday, and Sunday we will hopefully finish it off as turkey casserole. The dressing on the other hand, went rather quickly. Next year I think I'll have to make a double batch. Just so Rickey can have some too. Plus baby will be old enough to eat dressing by then too... and being my child... we better makea triple batch.

Anyway the full menu included
Turkey & Dressing
Candied Sweet Potato Casserole
Green Bean Casserole
Fresh Baked Beer Bread

and for dessert, Pumpkin Dump Cake.

Seriously. I cooked enough food for about 6 people to eat comfortably... and there are only 2 of us.
Leftovers baby!!!
Haven't had to cook a thing since Thursday afternoon... and tomorrow will only require minor baking.
Anybody hit the Black Friday Sales?
I did... online. My lovely car ignition switch has been locked up since I'm guessing Wednesday night. I didn't go anywhere Thursday, and when I went out to leave for work Friday the key won't turn. Rickey's car battery has been dead since like Tuesday. We are in a serious pickle here...

But, on the bright side, I got my little brother's present half off on Toys R, and got 25% off my grandma's gift from a nifty little online boutique I've been watching and drooling over for years, Art of Adornment.

Anyway... I also got my tree up, before realizing my tree skirt was missing. So we took off walking to the dollar store last night, only to discover- IT WAS SNOWING.
So we bundled up and walked 2 blocks there and 2 back in the snow. Rickey was laughing at me because I was giggling like a kid on Christmas. I used to live in Dallas. I haven't seen proper snow in a long time. But the tree got finished late last night, and we ended up with over an inch of snow. *squees* Of course it was all melted this morning. *shrugs* but we're supposed to get more tomorrow night.

My Tree... little, but then we have a little apartment.

And as for the cars... still neither running... so we had to walk a mile and a quarter round trip to pay the electric bill... and then got some groceries on the way back too... carrying groceries 2 blocks in plastic bags is NOT fun.

I suppose that's enough complaining for now...

Off I go to continue my holiday shopping.

Friday, November 16, 2007

busy busy busy

getting everything ready for the wedding... and dealing with a very active baby to be. I swear she's in there doing aerobics or something. It's the strangest feeling... I've heard it described as feeling like gas bubbles, but really, it doesn't quite. Because gas bubbles usually don't shove a foot off in your bladder. *sigh*
And that's definitely fun... sitting there at work, in the middle of a call, when all of the sudden you feel the baby roll and then you. have. to. pee. NOW.

But at the same time... it's a magical feeling... knowing that Kahlan is there, moving around... and that in just 19 more weeks she will be outside moving around. Knowing that I have created life. Rickey seems pissed off that she is my first priority now. It bothers him that I take more care with myself because of her than I do of him. But he can take care of himself... I have to take care of her. She really is my first priority.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Pregnancy is strange business...

And yes, this may seem like TMI. If you're squeamish, well, sorry. *shrug*

  • It seems that I either have the runs, or I am constipated.
  • I'm either nauseous and cant stand the sight of food, or starving. Or sometimes, both.
  • Low blood pressure is almost as bad as high blood pressure. This was proved by the ER doctor putting me in a wheelchair and wheeling me to a room after checking mine and finding it 86 over sixty something...
  • Having to pee every hour on the hour is acceptable. Every 30 minutes is torture.

And I'm just almost halfway there.

And Rickey wonders why I get irritable and snappish.

On the up side, it is now 1am Monday morning. That means only 84 hours until I get to find out the answer to pregnancy's biggest mystery- Hotdog or Hamburger? I shall leave team yellow behind around 1pm Thursday... will post U/S pics when I get them...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Right then...

Blogger was giving me problems with signing in to comment... and ended up making me re-sign up. So it made me create a blog. So I might as well use it. *shrugs*