Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Baby movements...

A friend told me the other day,
"You know, she has hands too. It's not all kicks."
And that got me to thinking.
How do you really tell the difference?
When baby is about the size of a 1 lb bag of coffee beans, her little hands and feet are bound to feel pretty similar. I mean, I have noticed differences. Like sometimes it will be a sharp, sudden, thwack, like she elbowed me. But as little as she is... couldn't that be just a punch or kick too? But if that is a punch or kick, what's the strange fluttery feeling like having a fish in my belly? I've pretty much figured out the teacup sized pushing is probably her head or butt, depending on which way she's moving. I just wish I could see through there, like with x-ray vision or something, so I could see what the little twerp is really doing when she's keeping me awake.