Friday, January 18, 2008


I have a foot in my ribs. When I stand up, I don't feel it. But sit down for any reason? Oops. It's back. Now, I love my baby dearly, and usually it's fun when she kicks. But she's being a little BRAT today.


On the up side, Rickey just called from his buddy's cell phone. They are already through for the day, and will be heading home in about an hour or so. Then they have to pick up a trailer and drop it off at the office once they get back to town, and will probably be home around 3:30 or so. So I'll get the hug I've been dearly needing all week about 4 hours earlier than expected.

I swear, I never thought I'd miss him near as much as I do... and I'll only have him for 2 days before he has to go back to work. *sniffle*

I know that he's off working because it's a good job... and I know that if he was not working and was back here 24/7 I'd be wanting to throttle him. Damn pregnancy hormones.

I'm a bad knitter. I haven't worked on anything since Wednesday night, and even then I didn't finish but a few rows on the headband I'm making for the Monthly One-Skein KAL on Ravelry...
And I probably won't get any knitting done today either, as I have to straighten up the house before he gets home...

Which is why I need to quit blogging and blog reading and go clean...
At least cleaning generally involves standing up so I can convince Kahlan to remove her feet from my ribs.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I know this feeling...

Quite well. It's not me though, my belly button hasn't popped yet.