Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Coffeecoffeecoffeeeeeee DEAL

Everyone who knows us knows we drink a LOT of coffee.

So it's only natural that when I find a good deal I jump on it.

Right now there is a $1.50 off any Folgers printable coupon available- http://bit.ly/ZRga0E

Not that big of a deal you think? Well they are also on sale for $5.99 at Nichols through Wednesday, Which, BTW, I discovered runs the SAME ad as Jumbo's in Enid, and who knows how many other small grocery stores in Oklahoma. So go check it out! $4.49 for coffee that normally runs around $9. Not too shabby. I only wish I had another computer so I could print more than just 2 copies.

Monday, April 22, 2013

SSiS Update

So we've had some life interfering in my crafting schedule LOL

Nonetheless I have made some progress and some decisions. I found my knit yardage, picked fabric for several things, prewashed the stuff that I thought needed it, and starched the knits.

Yes. Starched. With an iron. I picked that tip up from Ashley of Lil Blue Boo when I bought some of her patterns a couple of years ago. It REALLY helps when you are trying to cut pieces out of knit scraps to be cutting starched fabric.

So I starched several t-shirt scraps which, along with the black knit yardage I bought for myself like 2 years ago and a large chunk of navy blue knit yardage I don't recall having but somehow have, will make K-Ro a navy maxi dress with coral accents, Bubba a navy short set with green accents, a navy t-shirt to go with some navy gingham shorts, and a couple of black t-shirts to be stenciled. Because I'm a glutton for punishment and am gonna attempt freezer paper stenciling again after the last miserable failure...

I also found the missing peach fabric and striped tee that I KNEW I had. See. I KNEW I had it LOL

As for wovens, I found a bright striped seersucker that I had forgotten about... I'm going to make an 8 panel skirt out of it, cut in such a way to make chevrons, and either pair it with or attach it to a black t-shirt. I also discovered the purple striped fabric from the last post will NOT work for the Purpledicular dress. After washing the texture changed dramatically. I am SO glad I prewashed it though. Think of how mad I would have been if I sewed it all up and THEN washed it and had the stripes all drawing up on themselves...

Now I'm off to my craft room again. I have to decide if I want to go ahead and start cutting (and thus counting) tonight. We have a full day of errands tomorrow, but I'm impatient LOL

Thursday, April 18, 2013


So I discovered I DO have a suitable striped fabric for a lazy version of the Purpledicular Dress. WooHoo! I did a significant destash last Fall, so I don't have nearly as much fabric as I DID. Nonetheless I have 16 candidates not counting the denim and the knits (which appear to still be packed... Whoops!)

1. Patriotic Print. This was a SERIOUS SCORE. I originally got something like 8 yards of this, plus a few flag panels, for $2.50! This is going to be the lining & pockets on overalls for E, and the skirt on skirtalls for K.
2. WILD heart print. I have, I think, 3 yards of this. I'm thinking it probably won't get used this time around because of just how wild it is.
3. Strawberry print. I originally bought TWENTY yards of this, some 8ish years ago... I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-10 yards left after I made a ton of tote bags out of it for Christmas a few years ago. It MIGHT become a dress, but I'm not sure. Yellow is not one of K's best colors...
4. Pre-made patchwork. I bought it at Hobby Lobby to make the skirt of a t-shirt dress for K. I'm assuming it will finally get to fulfill it's destiny if there is enough of it... She's grown a bit since then.
5. Forest green floral. Meh. It was on my rack so I snapped a pic, but I really don't have any plans for it right now.
6. Orange gingham with flocked white flowers. This came in the same lot with the other ginghams... I'm not too keen on orange.
7 & 8. Poly blends I bought on the $1 rack at Walmart a couple of summers ago. I've been saving these for maxi skirts for K.
9-11. Florals. I've had these for over 10 years... I like them, and they are lovely and Spring-y, but they are thin.
12-16. The Ginghams. Dark purple is a larger print. Light purple, light blue, and dark blue are tiny.

Looking over this I KNOW there is quite a bit still packed apparently. I have a king sized bedsheet I dyed pink, a yellow knit sheet, a deeeeep purple knit sheet, some olive knit yardage, some teal rib knit, and most importantly some peach floral poly blend that I bought at the thrift store that PERFECTLY matches a peach striped tee, which is also misplaced currently. I also have several bags of vintage fabric, but no plans for any of it for now... I'm hoping it's all in the tub with my collection of thrifted tees for recycling.

Looks like today will be spent hunting up my fabric instead of getting started. Oy.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sewing Summer in Seven

What's that you ask? THAT means that I am challenging myself to sew an entire summer wardrobe for both of my kids in just SEVEN DAYS. Can it be done? Sure! Will it get done? Well, that's a little more iffy LOL.

My Plan
For K-Ro, 10 dresses.
-Sleeveless Peasant Maxi adapted from the Flutter Sleeve Peasant Top and Marilyn's Slim Fit Peasant Dress
-T-Shirt Maxi adapted from the Layers of Sunshine Dress
-Another T-Shirt Maxi adapted from the Simple Dolman Sleeve Top
-Petal Maxi
-Halter style maxi - I'm gonna improvise based on a pic I saw and can't find again... Similar to the All American Dress, but with a crossover front.
-Knockoff Roller Skate Dress since I am too broke and/or cheap to pay $16 for one pattern. Even if it IS Oliver & S. Top part looks suspiciously similar to the aforementioned Layers of Sunshine, but in woven instead of knit...
-2 of Gracie's Must Have Summer Maxi Dresses with different prints that I have been saving for this very purpose. Or I miiiiiight make one a Twirly Dress instead.
-Something fancy, ruffly, and altogether over the top girly. Like the halter dress, I have a picture in my mind of one I saw but can't find again...
-Maybe a Purpledicular Dress if I can get some good striped fabric... I'm not ambitious enough to make my own!
-Maybe a Spin Around Dress if I have a fabric I like for it... Gotta stash dive.
-Also want to make a Racerback dress, but I dunno if I have enough knit fabric yardage. Might have to do it LBB style with lots of recycled bits LOL
-And last but not least, a denim skirt-all with patriotic lining and ruffle.
Funny that's a lot more than 10. Hmmm... Too much fun on Pinterest I suppose ;)

For Bubba, a good assortment of separates.
-First up, short-alls to match sister's skirt-all. Because I'm a dork like that and like to have the kiddos match for a special occasion LOL
-5 pairs of shorts recycled from old t-shirts
-5 pairs of shorts recycled from Daddy's old pants - I have several patterns I'm considering for these...
-6 t-shirts, probably recycled from old ones LOL
-2 button up shirts from this French pattern I spent 45 minutes trying to download. And promptly lost the link to the instructions...

Wish me luck! I'll try to take a few pictures along the way if I can find my camera batteries...


Tuesday, April 16, 2013


It HAS been a while hasn't it? Sorry about that.

Although honestly who am I apologizing too? Is there anyone still following me?

I have a very ambitious plan for the next few days... So if you're out there, stick around! I'm back, at least for a little while.