Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekly Menu

So we're not much on a set menu. I mean, what if I have chicken planned and all the sudden get a craving for burgers? Or what if I miscalculate and some of my produce is on the verge of expiring?

I have found though, that it's fairly easy for me to plan 7 days worth of food and then choose one of those 7 each day... Makes grocery list making and shopping a LOT easier.

So for this week I planned:
Weekdays-Cereal, fruit, & milk
Weekend- Sausage, eggs, biscuits, & gravy - & - Bacon, eggs, & toast
Chili Dogs twice, Sandwiches 3 times, & leftovers twice.
Chicken sandwiches & fries
Crunchy Taco Hamburger Helper (I add corn & black beans)
Buttermilk chicken, veggies, & mashed potatoes
Italian Chicken, veggies, stuffing, & mashed potatoes
Burgers & fries
Bean or Lentil soup with ham and carrots

I had all the necesary meats other than breakfast stuffs in the freezer from earlier this month... I have tons of veggies in the freezer ALWAYS, and I got 20lbs of potatoes last week when they were on sale for $1.99/10lbs. I would have gotten 30 or 40lbs but I only had 2 hands and no buggy that day LOL! I've learned to make great fries from scratch now... The secret is to fry them twice. I'm debating experimenting with frozen fries... Perhaps baking them first, freezing, and cooking from frozen like the store-bought ones... Soon.