Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sewing Summer in Seven

What's that you ask? THAT means that I am challenging myself to sew an entire summer wardrobe for both of my kids in just SEVEN DAYS. Can it be done? Sure! Will it get done? Well, that's a little more iffy LOL.

My Plan
For K-Ro, 10 dresses.
-Sleeveless Peasant Maxi adapted from the Flutter Sleeve Peasant Top and Marilyn's Slim Fit Peasant Dress
-T-Shirt Maxi adapted from the Layers of Sunshine Dress
-Another T-Shirt Maxi adapted from the Simple Dolman Sleeve Top
-Petal Maxi
-Halter style maxi - I'm gonna improvise based on a pic I saw and can't find again... Similar to the All American Dress, but with a crossover front.
-Knockoff Roller Skate Dress since I am too broke and/or cheap to pay $16 for one pattern. Even if it IS Oliver & S. Top part looks suspiciously similar to the aforementioned Layers of Sunshine, but in woven instead of knit...
-2 of Gracie's Must Have Summer Maxi Dresses with different prints that I have been saving for this very purpose. Or I miiiiiight make one a Twirly Dress instead.
-Something fancy, ruffly, and altogether over the top girly. Like the halter dress, I have a picture in my mind of one I saw but can't find again...
-Maybe a Purpledicular Dress if I can get some good striped fabric... I'm not ambitious enough to make my own!
-Maybe a Spin Around Dress if I have a fabric I like for it... Gotta stash dive.
-Also want to make a Racerback dress, but I dunno if I have enough knit fabric yardage. Might have to do it LBB style with lots of recycled bits LOL
-And last but not least, a denim skirt-all with patriotic lining and ruffle.
Funny that's a lot more than 10. Hmmm... Too much fun on Pinterest I suppose ;)

For Bubba, a good assortment of separates.
-First up, short-alls to match sister's skirt-all. Because I'm a dork like that and like to have the kiddos match for a special occasion LOL
-5 pairs of shorts recycled from old t-shirts
-5 pairs of shorts recycled from Daddy's old pants - I have several patterns I'm considering for these...
-6 t-shirts, probably recycled from old ones LOL
-2 button up shirts from this French pattern I spent 45 minutes trying to download. And promptly lost the link to the instructions...

Wish me luck! I'll try to take a few pictures along the way if I can find my camera batteries...