Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I made an interesting discovery today.

Now I have to wonder how Google sorts search results.

Go to Google. Search for "strange business" (without the quotes). Scroll to the bottom of the page, and check the result that is 3rd from the bottom.


Of course... it had to be the post that was probably the grossest I ever made that made it to the first page on a Google search result...

Although, if you use, and search "view from my bedroom" you'll find one of my entries as the 5th result on the page. My world domination seems to be starting off stronger across the pond for some reason...

Anyway, I'm feeling a bit better, aside from the foot in my ribs. Head is still a little stuffy, but not so much that I'm dizzy anymore. Rickey called from his buddy's cell, and when I tried to call him back, I discovered he wasn't in the same room as he was last time... and I don't want to call his boss this late... so I will have to wait until tomorrow to call him... he'll probably be pissed... but he COULD have mentioned his room number when he called earlier...

I'm making a good bit of progress on the pinwheel blankie... 2 11 round stripes left, then the border, and threading ribbon through the eyelet rounds I made to break up the monotony of that much stockinette stitch. When it's done it will be approximately 36 inches across, so not huge, but still... the final round will have about 550 stitches. I think the total number of stitches will amount to somewhere around 32000. It's a serious labor of love... and I will never ever make one of these on needles this small ever again. Unless I have another baby. Or someone pays me a LARGE amount of money.