Thursday, January 31, 2008

Knitting Knews 12-31-08

Today we will discuss UFO's.

And for those of you not hip with knitting lingo:
UFO=UnFinished Objects, not the ships the little green men ride in
Frog=Rip out
Frog Pond= The place unloved projects go when I decide to rip them out and recycle the yarn instead of finishing them.

I have several UFO's right now. 2 that I had termed "eternal" UFO's.

Eternal UFO #1, the HP house scarf.
Started around August 2004.
Approximately 50% finished.

Eternal UFO #2, the Poncho intended for Tiff's birthday 2005
Started around February 2005.
Finished(!!!) January 2008.
So it's only 3 years late. At least it was a surprise present.
Now I just need to get it mailed out. And pray it still fits.

As for my other UFO's, I have decided that unless I am actively working on them still (aka pinwheel blankie and baby sock) I will frog them and prep the yarn for re-use by the end of February. So the projects that hit the frog pond are: the beginnings of an afghan that was intended for an ex-boyfriend's mother, the sleeveless sweater with a BIG gauge problem, and the dratted headband that should NEVER have been started in fuzzy yarn. The rainbow scarf and the crocheted project bag, both of which were about half finished, are already gone.


AtomiK Kitten said...

I do not knit...but I do own several dull hooks that I wield often. Aye, I am a happy hooker. :)